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Petites is our smallest dance class. This class students range from 2-3 years old. Ages are taken from the 1st of Jan.

In this class students learn a combination of jazz and classical technique along with a jazz routine to perform in the end of year concert.



The U6 Troupe is designed to give pre-school age students everything in one class. These students range from 4-5 years old. Ages are taken from the 1st of Jan.

This year students will explore Jazz and Tap techniques and learn two routines to showcase in the end of year concert.



Classical is the basis of all technique. Classical ballet places a strong emphasis on precise technique, including proper alignment, turnout of the legs, extension of the limbs, and control of the body's movements. Dancers undergo rigorous training to develop strength, flexibility, and stamina required for executing challenging choreography.

At Innovate we offer classical for all levels, when a teacher deems dancers strong enough and technically adequate, they will be encouraged to  attend a physio assessment and commence pointe classes.


Jazz is a fun, upbeat style of dance. It is often characterized by its high-energy and dynamic quality. It can be fast-paced and include jumps, turns, and quick movements. Jazz dancers typically work on developing flexibility to execute movements that require a wide range of motion.

We follow a Jazz dance Syllabi to ensure our students are receiving, well-rounded, age appropriate training whilst also providing them a challenge.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a fun style of dance that allows students to step into a character and transport themselves to another world of dance. This genre explores a performance and entertainment side of dance, often portraying themes and stories to an audience. This genre isn’t one that we have a specific technique class for although it is incorporated in Recreation Troupe and Competition Troupe classes.



Contemporary is a dynamic and expressive style of dance. It incorporates elements of several dance genres, including modern, jazz and ballet.

Contemporary dance often emphasizes freedom of movement, fluidity, and expression of emotions and ideas. Dancers are encouraged to explore their own interpretations of movement, often using improvisation as a tool for creativity. These classes are fantastic fir self-development and growth. 



Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by the percussive sounds created by shoes with metal taps attached to the heels and toes. Dancers, known as tap dancers, use their feet to strike the floor rhythmically, producing intricate patterns and rhythms. Students  learn to count their music, beats and rhythms within tap class.

We follow a well renowned  tap syllabi to ensure students are being challenged and are receiving quality tuition each week.


Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is a vibrant and energetic form of movement. It is heavily focused on groove and rhythm, with dancers moving in sync with the beat of the music. The movement is often characterised by a relaxed and loose style, allowing for personal interpretation and expression.

This is always a fun class that all of the students enjoy, they begin with a cardio style warm up, continue with some hip hop technique moves and finish will their routine for the end of year concert.



Acro is a very popular style of dance.  There are many aspects to acro and our classes are broken down into sections as we follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabi.

These aspects include; Cardio, Flexibility, Strength, Limbering and Tumbling.

Accross the ages of acro students learn skills and tricks that are equivalent to their ability level. Unlike other genres where we move students between classes according to age, Acro is based on ability level and this is a matter of safety. Each class will learn a routine for the end of year concert to showcase what they've learnt throughout the year.

Recreation Troupe

Our Recreation Troupe classes have an emphasis on fun and inclusion.

Within these classes, students learn a range of routines coinciding with the genre lessons that they participate in. This allows students to maintain a solid technical foundation and also build on their choreographic, teamwork and performance skills.

Stretch and Strength

Classes focus on strengthening your muscles and increasing your flexibility, through stability, core and flexibility exercises.

These classes are highly recommended for all acro and competition students, and for all students wanting to improve their dance foundation. 


Advanced Technique

Advanced technique classes further develop dance technique and skills across a range of genres. These classes are compulsory for U14 and Open competition students, and recommended for any students wanting to further improve their technique.


Private Tuition

Each soloist learns routines in a weekly 1 on 1 lesson with one of our friendly teachers. Most of the time the goal is to perform these solo routines onstage at competitions but can also be used to better technical abilities and strengthen a students dancing. These routines are carefully crafted around the individual student and their abilities, to provide them with an achievable challenge so that they can perform their best on stage.

Students perform their new solo routines in our showcase performance to prepare themselves for the upcoming competition season. Private tuition is a fantastic way to accelerate your child's development and boost their self-confidence both on stage and off.

Competition Troupes 

Our competition teams are constructed through auditions or invitation.

Our competition team routines are created at the beginning of the year and worked on and refined before our showcase performance in the Term 1 holidays. From there, students compete in numerous competitions throughout the year and build such a fantastic rapport with one another as they continue to strive and grow towards a common goal.  If our teams qualify for Nationals, they travel together interstate to compete. We split our teams into small and large teams to give students an opportunity to work in different dynamics and perform on stage across different sections.  Our competition team students have many opportunities to shine.

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